Birthday Cards by Types

Sending a birthday card is always a great adventure, as for the person who receives them, as for one who sends it. There can be a lot of very interesting things which you can say about the person who supposed to read it, the type of your friendship or another type of relationship you have with the person who is getting the card and about the occasion which demanded to send a special note in a gift card. Whatever the gift you have prepared for some occasion, always consider the gift card as an addition to the gift. It will give a special tone to the message to the special person and surely help you to define the type of relationship with the person you gave a birthday card. There are many types on the market, so after you read the list, the only thing you need to think of is when and how to prepare a great message for the card.

Personalized birthday card – it is always good to give something personal to the people you care of. Let’s take this example. You want to give something great to your partner or best friend. You prepared a great gift, spent a lot of money for that and then write something on the birthday card which you bought on the way home from work. But, after the birthday boy/girl opened a gift box and read all cards he/she got, you realized that there are many birthday cards with the same notes and wishes. You would love to be a little different from the other people, because, after all, you gave that card to your special person. There are many companies which offer to personalize your birthday card, to add photos or only your wishes or you can make your own birthday card.

Free printable birthday card – a good birthday card does not to be expensive. As the matter of fact, you can find completely free cards on the internet. The only thing you need to do is to print it on your home printer. If you have one, make sure that it makes colored prints and that you have special paper for the card. The best choice is a paper for photos, which has every photo store. You may add something on your own, like a photo or logo of the company if the card is intended to be given to your boss or college from work.

Funny birthday card – this is not for everyone, that is for sure, but for the person you know that will be pleased with something funny, this is a great choice. A market is full of different types of funny cards, so you just need to pick one. Make sure that your friend or whatever is a person who will read it your real friend who will understand a joke in the card. You should never give a card to the girlfriend or girl you want to become it. It will be much better for both of you.

E-cards – these cards are supposed to be given to children because many of them are interactive and include games or interesting tasks for people who receive them. But, that is not necessarily a gift for a young people. It can be very interesting for grandparents, for example, who love to kill time with interesting games. For this time is important to take in mind that these cards can be given only to a person who know how to use a computer and the internet, otherwise, there is no point to send it to someone who never used e-mail, for example.

Birthday cards with songs – those were very popular in our childhood and it seems that they will never go out of fashion, according to their popularity now. It can be sent to everyone, including old or young people, children or even a girlfriend or boyfriend. The only important is to choose a good song for them and know what he/she likes because they have many different types on the market, including those with children songs, love songs or songs for young scouts.

Handmade birthday songs – as we said above, these cards are highly personalized and the person who receives them would be very happy because of guest you made by making the perfect card for them. It does not suppose to be so difficult to make them; the internet is full of short and easy tutorials how to make them. Or, if you are creative and had a good mark on art classes, you can try to make on your own. It will not be a bad idea, whatever you choose. Keep remembering that these are not quite well present to the boss or someone who is not your close person.

Invitations/ thank-you cards – this is not for presents, but for people who is celebrating. You should call your friends with special cards to show them that you think of them and that you have planned to call them with style. The same is with thank you cards, which should be sent after the party, with gratitude and best wishes.

However, every card has its own special message, whatever you wrote on them or where did you buy them. They have your hand script, your soul and keep a memory on great days when you and your friends were together. Many people love to collect birthday notes and after many years they can be a great memory.