Birthday Cards by Brands

Many people are suspicious about the giving the birthday cards, finding them boring and old fashioned. Some people think that special birthday card is not necessary with the present they made, and choose to not give anything like that.  Especially when it comes to the price, people simply skip giving money for something they think that is not important and give just a present wrapped in nice paper. But, if you think for a moment about the types and brands of birthday cards, you can be surprised with information about the so many companies who made those cards and types of cards they offer to the buyers. We choose only ones who are already popular on the internet and which can be buying easily on-line.

Funny pigeon – their specialty is personalized cards which can be made easy by using the internet. You simply send them a photo which you want to be on the card and maybe make a simple design of the card you want and the final product will be sent to your home address. Can it be easier? And do not worry about the price, they offer so many different types, that you will find something for you, too.

Getting personal – one more company which makes personalized birthday cards, but this time they offer personalized gifts as well. You can buy T-shirts, cups, plates, pencils or everything you want with the special note or photo you choose. They also have the much different design of their products, so you can choose elegant, sporty, funny, and teen or any other type you want.

Papirusonline – this company also has personal gifts printed on special papers or stuff you choose. They have a large market all over the world, and thanks to the internet, everybody can buy their products. Just make sure that you offered your product on time and that you were clear about the look and design of the card you ordered.

Clintons retail – they are specialized for UK market, but they sell things on the Amazon, too, so you can buy them wherever you live in the world. They also know how important is to be connected with other brands, so they will be happy to offer you cards and products from other brands, too. However, they do not offer personalized cards, but they offer a great list of already made and well-designed ones.

Warks and Spencer – they are one more UK brand, with a long tradition of making gifts and personalized stuff. Making cards are just a small part of their work, so if you go to their site you will see what they offer to their customers, including cups, T-shirts, children’s toys and office material. You can easily order their products on the Amazon, too.

Squashed tomato – do not be afraid of the name of this brand, it is just a joke which does not have much similarity with the job they do. If you started with giving birthday cards and felt that is a good decision, you can decide to continue with giving cards for many other occasions, and they will help you with that. They make cards for literally every situation and offer gifts if you like, with many different designs.

Hallmark – does anyone not know this brand? If you want to give a card for any occasion, you can buy from Hallmark and you will not make a mistake. They are popular with their love messages in nice and cute designed cards, which are now popular in other brands and their cards. It is not too much if we say that with them you will be a great seducer because every woman falls on their love notes.

Dear Henry – no, this is not a beginning of the note from the card, the whole company has this name. They are literally masters in making cards for every occasion. Besides birthday cards, they make invitations and thank you cards, specialized cards for various life occasions, or XL cards if you want to be a little dramatic. Their company is in the UK, but thanks to the internet everybody can buy their cards.

Tallon – they offer many different things besides the cards, like office material, notebooks, pencils and other things. But, if you want a card, you can choose from the whole list of different types.

Scribbler – they are popular on the internet with their large product offering, with different types of cards and very fast delivering. If you choose them, you will not be able to personalize the card, but their experience is enough to make a good card for every occasion.

After this long list of brands, it is only your decision which one will be a company for the cards you will buy. Once when you become satisfied with their services, you will be their loyal customer.